Treat Yourself to A Rejuvenating Massage

Let Us Help You Get Rid of Stress and Aches

Treat Yourself to A Rejuvenating Massage

Let Us Help You Get Rid of Stress and Aches

Experience the Touch of Chantilly’s Best Asian Spa

Take a break from your exhaustingly busy schedule and allow yourself to rest and recuperate in the peaceful environment of Best Therapeutic. Our expertly performed Asian massages and therapeutic techniques are perfect for easing your body as well as calming your mind.


What We Offer

Located in Chantilly, Virginia—just seven miles from Dulles airport—Best Therapeutic’s excellent team of masseuses offers a variety of massages designed for relaxation. These include the 60-Minute Massage package for the affordable price of $80.

Why a Massage Is Important

Relieves Stress

The mental strain from your daily lives can manifest in increased tension in your bodies, which can often affect your heart and blood pressure. Let our expert team work on your muscle tensions so that you can fully release your stress.

Improves Posture

The incorrect way of holding your body upright can lead to pain and muscle tension. When we loosen your muscles and joints through our massages, we can help augment your natural movements and restore proper posture.

Increase Blood Circulation

Chronically tense muscles constrict your blood flow. Our massages help ease these tensions to improve the circulation of your body’s vital fluid, resulting in toxins being flushed out of your system.

About Us

For more than 21 years, Best Therapeutic has been providing the most luxurious and healing massage treatments. We perform these body therapy sessions in a gorgeous and tranquil environment.

Book a Well-Deserved Session

Let us knead away your body aches and pains. We are open for appointments only, as required by phase three of the Virginia Covid guidelines.